Friday, February 29, 2008

1/144 F-14 Decals - from FCM Brazil

1/144 Decals - from FCM Brazil
I have just been sent couple of sets of "proper commerical decals"
(Silk Screen printed, like cartograph/revell and not alps "home made"!).
Unusally from Brazil, i think there is an overlooked modelling scene in that country, not every thing comes from Japan, USA or Europe!?
These appear to be produced to a high professional commerical standard and the colours are bright, each pack comes with options for 4x different schemes! With fairly straight forwad placing diagrams.
You can now have your Iranian F14 fighting it out with US Navy F14s just in time for Gulf War III ?


Anonymous said...


What a cool site! :)

BTW,Do you know This products?

I like this products :)

MYK design uses ASHITA no decal.

From Japan

bluedonkey99 said...


thank you for the comments from japan!

Yes, I know of MYK Decals.
I have used them before, think the AHSITA No Decal products are amazing, they look excellent on the product!

i even tried to add the metal etch kit to the king tiger! (this was less sucssful - my metal bending skills were not that good!)

myk can be highly recommended, it is sad that some many of their products are no longer available!

Badger said...

I got these and I was very happy with the outcome. These are also non-Alps decals, so they go on very easy. Each pack comes with 2 sets of decals and prices are great. The Navy aggressor set is excellent and highly recommended.

MYK decals are probably the best out there and their selection has always been excellent. I do wish I had known about them prior to their early decals going out of print though!