Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wonderfest 2008 - Winter (Part 2)

Wonderfest 2008 - Winter (Part 2)
The special resin conversion that Sweet sells at the wonderfest was available again!
New details on JWINGS Vol.4


werwulf said...

So how does one go about getting these kits? I NEED the Chinese J-10!!!!

werwulf said...
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Badger said...

I've only been able to find Japanese resin on ebay. Sadly, other than taking their kits to shows, I don't think they go through any resellers. At least, I have not found any online stores that even carry their stock, unlike the Kamide line.

I've often wondered why they don't just release their excellent kits through a bigger company, such as Anigrand? I'd still pay outrageously for them if I could get my hands on these beauties, even if the quality of the casts dropped a little, much like what I've been seeing with Anigrand (air pockets and small holes and such).

bluedonkey99 said...


There is no easy way to get hold of these outsie japan, especially if you do not speak Japanese!

Sometimes as Badger says these come up on ebay.... althouh one of the main sellers of resin kits star-jet seem to be in hiding?

otherwise....., there are @ 2 Wonderfest shows ayear and two Project 144 shows a year!!!!

maybe you could take a bank load, fly to japan with a large bag and buy all the resin kits yo can see at the show! I think by reselling you would recover your costs!

I have similar problem with "Wings144" he makes some cool kit, but the chances of obtianing them are virtually nil!