Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1/144 F-Toys J7W1( j ) By Roberto

1/144 F-Toys J7W1( j ) By Roberto
Another excellent example of Roberto skill with the airbrush!
Here one of the F-Toys kits has nicely been repainted in Lufwaffe "splinter" pattern camoflauge, and dare I say it this is a much improved version of the POPY Project Flieger special Item.
it is only 1/144, but i think the effort and the detailing in the paint work could quite easily lead people to belive that this was a larger scale item?
Those of you who wish to find out more about reusing gashopon for there own proejcts should look at the articales below!
apparently the paint on these F-toys kits comes off easy with "Rubbing Alcohol" (isopropyl), unlike some of the previous series!

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