Friday, February 15, 2008

1/144 RAF/RCAF Aircraft by A-Model

1/144 RAF/RCAF Aircraft by A-Model - 2008
A-Model #1411 1/144 Avro Lancaster B Mk.I/III
A-Model #1412 1/144 Avro Manchester (precursor to the Lancaster)
A-Model #1413 1/144 Avro Lincoln (stretch and upragte Lancster for assualt on Japan)
A-Model #1427 Avro Lancaster 10MR RCAF Rescue CX 104

still no decent 1/144 Spitfire!


smeg1959 said...

Well, Amodel has had this little lot listed for a long while so it's good to see they're now closer to fruition. However, I won't break out the champers until I actually see them in shops!

Incidentally, Kami de Koro looks like he's keeping busy. Checking out his blog shows masters for a Seversky P-35, Blackburn Skua, Fokker D-21 with skis and, in keeping with the esoteric side he showed with his Caproni Stipa, a Westland-Hill Pterodactyl 1A!

And an update on the Altaya/IXO models. My local colleague has just received the B-17G, He177 and Cant Z1007 bis from an eBay trader in Spain. Apparently, the items are more plastic than metal and the finish is much better than Atlas. Indeed, he reckons the He177 is quite impressive and the Z1007 is well worth getting.

bluedonkey99 said...

i think I have orderd the he177 from the same guy!

shame they only accept subscriptions from spanish residents!

still, i finally set up an account with atlas editions in the uk!

smeg1959 said...

It's a little odd that Altaya are confining the subs to only Spain and, I assume, France. Maybe "Down Under" is a bit far for them, but I'm surprised that the UK wasn't considered close enough. So much for the EEU!

It would seem that those US companies like Flying Mule are getting their stock from IXO in China. My Aussie colleague's wife, who is Chinese and regularly visits the country, is looking out for sources there.

Oh, and just a tip. Having been given a little container of those Ferrero Rocher chocolates the other day, I was taken by the fact that the clear plastic package is great for displaying 1/144 scale models. The little packs that contain 9 chocolates easily accommodate 4 tanks or 2 small fighters. The large ones look like they could happily house most 4-engined bombers. Another way to stop dust ... ideal for chocaholic modellers!

bluedonkey99 said...

i have heard of the "Ferrero Rocher chocolates" boxes being used for display in the past... maybe i'll look into it!

as for the distribution of the different models by region - i dont kmow!

as well as Atlas Editions in the UK and some other ex-colonial regions, altaya/ixo have the spanish/portugese and french markets, and Atlas Verlag have teh german market. Delprado do a bit of mopping up around the edges!?

i know i am paying way over the retail price but such is life!?

i have subscribed to Atlas editions this months, maybe the spare items i do not want can be traded or sold? thus it becomes "swings and roundabouts"!!!???

smeg1959 said...

I've finally caught up with my Aussie colleague and purchased off him an Altaya B-17G and He177. Both are an order of magnitude better than their Atlas counterparts in detail and finish. The He177 is particularly nice in having three Fritz-X bombs attached.

I also saw his Cant Z1007-bis and can say that it, too, is worth getting. And I now see that the Ju290A-5 is available. Can't wait!

The percentage of plastic components in the Altaya aircraft is much higher than in either Atlas or Corgi. For starters, the wings are plastic. And unlike many diecasts, almost all the windows are transparent plastic, not decals or painted on.

bluedonkey99 said...


the Altaya JU290 is worth looking at but it is large, it dwarfs the he-111! incidently the ALtaya He111 isnt as nice, i think the atlas he11 is still the better option. Thats said if your like me you'll still end up buying it! ;o)

smeg1959 said...

It is interesting that several US stores are offering the Altaya range, yet haven't got any stock yet. I asked one about postage to Oz and they asked me how on earth did I get the Fortress and Grief. It seems that IXO hasn't told its non-European outlets that there are other ways of getting their product.

From my viewing of evilBay last night, it seems that the whole Altaya range of 14 aircraft is now available. However, IXO have listed several others not currently on the French or Spanish Altaya sites - the Ju88, Ju188, Pe-8 and SM79 to name just a few. And, if you think the Ju290 is big, make some space for IXO's Bv222 Wiking!!! ;o)

bluedonkey99 said...

interesting that the US sites didnt realise that these are subscription items in France/Spain.

well i got my first "offical" atlas editions last night! - so anyone want a lancaster?

I thought I had seen the SM-79 on evilbay in recent days opposed to that other italian Savi/cant?

i think what most of these companies do is knock out the same range and then each year or so add another couple of models or repaints to keep the existing subscribers ticking over?

no, do i wait 2 years to colelct all the German atlas planes, or do i buy them anyway!

as you say the BV222! is gonna be big!

it would be nice to see some more "amerika bombers" me-264 or Arado anyone?

i have the IXO/altaya He177 and it quite a fine looking piece, their he-111 as stated is a bit more basic (maybe it was an earlier issue?)