Thursday, February 07, 2008

1/144 Orlyonok Lun - By Anigrand!

1/144 Orlyonok Lun "Caspian Sea Monster" - By Anigrand!

What a monster! - thats correct the "Caspian Sea Monster"!!!

(plus bonus kits, 1/144 Yak-36, Yak-38, Yak-141)
Expected Date: April 2008
In the USSR the WIG ("wing in ground effect") developments took place at the Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau (CHDB), lead by Alexeiev. The military potential for such a craft was soon recognised and Alexeiev received personal support from Kruchev including virtually unlimited financial resources.
This very important development in WIG history lead to the Caspian Sea Monster, v a 550 ton military ekranoplan, only a few years after this top secret project was initiated. The first ekranoplan as we know it now, the SM-2P, was built in 1962. Another feature found in most later ekranoplans were the jets that were blowing under the wing to assist at take-off.
bonus kits: "interesting" but not jaw dropping sexy!


smeg1959 said...

Just in case anyone didn't see my addition to an early blog entry, you can check out examples of both A-90 and Lun classes of ekranoplan around the Caspian Sea using Google Earth. The Lun appears to be docked at 42 degrees 52 mins 54 secs N, 47 degrees 39 min 24 secs E, whilst the Orlyonok is parked on a runway at 42 degrees 52 mins 50 secs N, 47 degrees 39 mins 57 secs (cross-ref the "Ekranoplan" entry in Wikipedia).

Looking at the satellite photo, the Lun should be one impressive model!

bluedonkey99 said...

I did see your link and thats why i checked nostalgic plasic/Anigrand USA - I have noticed a few time the US site has "let the cat out of the bag" early a couple of times with regard to new releases.

Google earth is great for such things!!

see also these articles and the pictures within!

some really cool stuff!
never as the wildest dreams as a boy would you have imagined one day you would access to such info and facilites!

somewhere on google earth there is a airbase near moscow where you can see their shuttle prototype!

I also like to check out the references for big US airbases such as Lakenheath and Mildenhall in the uk!

the USAF "boneyard" in Arizona/nevada is also a cool site, hundreds and hundreds of aircraft mothballed - imagine the tax dollars!?

apparently you can look at Area 51, but they deliberaetly withold the low level detailed shots.

mmm..... this gives me an idea for a posting on the site!?

bluedonkey99 said...

Apologies, there was a problem with the previous post, shortened URLs are proved below!