Monday, February 25, 2008

Winterfest 2008 - Winter (part 1) (updated++!)

Wonderfest 2008 - Winter (updates 26/02/2008)

Is it me, or do these seem to come around quicker and quicker each time?

First, Cafe Reo IF?, Is a novelty. (protoypes, late planning, or plain fantasy?? - see above?) 天山・5式戦・烈風がラインナップされているようです。天山five-game lineup will be heavy wind. 全11種だそうです。 So that all 11 types?(???) カフェレオのパターンから言えば、もう1種くらいは入りそうな気はしますね。 Cafe Reo from speaking patterns, the other species are much likely to feel like I've entered. 次に同じくカフェレオのビッグバード3ですね。 Like Cafe Reo next three Pino. こちらはすでに予約も開始されていますね。


Other information in the series F-TOYS from WORKSHOP HEAVY BOMBER コレクションがあるそうです。 HEAVY BOMBER collection there. ランカスターがサンプル展示されていたそうです。 Lancaster has been exhibited in the sample. 2008年 6月発売予定だそうです。 Scheduled to be available in June 2008. うーん、ビッグバードといい、展示スペースが苦しい季節になりそうです(笑)。 Well, I hope Pino, exhibit space is likely to have a tough season (laughs). また、カフェレオからJWINGSのvol.4も発表されたようですね。
Also, the Cafe Reo JWINGS vol.4 from Leo also been announced. 8月発売予定だそうで、Navy&Marine Freak というコンセプトだそうです。 It will be released in August, the Navy and Marine Freak of the concept. 最近、ややしょんぼりぎみの1/144でしたが、まだまだ安泰のようですね。

Recently, the somewhat crestfallen GIMI 1 / 144, but, still seems safe. でも、戦車関係は・・・どうしたのだろう。 But what is the relationship tanks (not sure if this a release, or just complaining that there are no tanks!). ワンフェス、行ってこられた方がおられましたら、是非情報提供を(笑)。


Limited to the three pre-painted model appeared!

F-4D 432TRW 555TFS
F-8E VF-53 Iron Angels 
A-6A VA-85 Black Falcons 


it is curious that once A-model produces Lancaster, that suddenly Cafe Reo plans a model?

I have noticed that on a number of occasions that suddenly "everyone" produces the same or similar models in a short period of time?

Is it that someone designs a 3d-cad model at professional production quality and then the various manfuctuers by the plans? or are all the model manufacturers co-operating or inter-related more than we realise?


anyway - expect more info to be published over the next few days!

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