Saturday, February 02, 2008

1/144 F-Toys Biplanes + Furuta Comaparison

1/144 F-Toys Biplane Collection Vol.1
Released at the start of this week, these are now apearing in the usual places.
Interestinly most appear sold out on the sites i have seen, either this is a short run, or eagerly awaited!?

From what I have seen the quality of the moulding varies from aircraft type to another, but still an itneresting set - especially id yu liked the Furuta or Wings of War planes?

German Albatross - Herman Goerings Plane
Sword fish - "Floded Wings" carrier ready
Willow - IJA/IJN Green....
Spad - Maj. Francesco BARAKKA
Series Special - TBD!???

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