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Wings of War - WWI Vol.2 - 1/144 Roland C.II

Wings of War - WWI Vol.2 - 1/144 Roland C.II
Due "early 2008"?
Seibert & Pfleger: Walfisch(Whale) flown by Leutnant Seibert and Hauptmann Pfleger of Fled Flieger Abteilung 5b; Western Front, autumn 1916
General characteristics
Crew: 2, pilot and observer
Length: 7,52 m (ft in)
Wingspan: 10,33 m (ft in)
Height: m (ft in)
Wing area: 26,00 m² (ft)
Empty weight: kg (lb)
Loaded weight: 1309 kg (lb)
Useful load: kg (lb)
Max takeoff weight: kg (lb)
Powerplant: 1× Mercedes D.III water-cooled in-line , 160 hp (120 kw)
Never exceed speed: km/h (mph)
Maximum speed: 165 km/h at sea level (mph at ft)
Cruise speed: km/h (mph)
Stall speed: km/h (mph)
Range: 4 hours (of flying time)
Service ceiling 4000 m (ft)
Rate of climb: 30 minutes to 3000 m (minutes to ft)
Wing loading: kg/m² (lb/ft²)

[edit] Armament
A centrally mounted synchronized Spandau 7.92mm gun was provided for the pilot on later models. The observer had a Parabellum gun on a ring mounting. A tubular half-hoop was fitted between the cockpits to prevent possible damage to the airscrew from depressing the gun too much when firing forward.
A load of four 12,5 kg bombs could also be carried under the fuselage.

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