Tuesday, August 05, 2008

1/144 2008(?) Releases by Anigrand!

1/144 2008(?) Releases by Anigrand!
As displayed at the recent Tokyo Show! Anigrand are looking to release some top class products!
1/144 Douglas XB-19
1/144 Sukhoi T-4MS
1/144 Daimler-Benz Project "A"
1/144 Antonov An-22 "Cock"

1/144 Lifting Bodies Set ( M2F2, NL10, X-23A, X-24B)
1/144 NASA X-Planes RLV Set (X-33, X-34, X-37)

more pics - Fumi's Blog:


smeg1959 said...

A Daimler Projekt A to complement the Projekt B that started the Anigrand excursion into 1/144? Nice, but isn't that a P.310256 bomber in front of it - the same as supplied as an "extra" in the Projekt B kit?

BTW, there's a nice build of the Projekt B, P.310256 and Projekt E and F parasite aircraft in the May issue of Scale Aviation Modeller International (the issue with the Bf108 on the cover).

bluedonkey99 said...

it should be

the A, B & C projects were geared around delivery the same parasite bomber!

what do you reckon that in another year or two we will get the "Project C"

badger said...

I think the Projekt A parasite bomber is actually slightly different than that of the B bomber (P.310256). For one thing, it had to have a v-tail in order to mount under the carrier, with engines mounted beneath the wings, both cited on the luft 46 site. The B bomber had a single engine mounted on top centerline of the fuselage, which definitely wouldn't fit in the undercarriage of the A carrier.

The B carrier had downard angled wings on the interior, with upward angled wings outboard from the langing gears. This was probably more for stability reasons than mounting purposes, much like the angled wings of F4 Phantom. I'm still looking for data on this.

Anyway, I think the A bomber will be different than the B bomber, simply because of fitting issues and what some of the pictures hint at. Given Anigrand's track record for research and amazing quality in their kits, I think they'll get it right. The promo pictures were probably just put together in a rush and they recycled old photos.

If they do release a C carrier, I hope they don't just re-release a bunch of E and F manned missiles though. Maybe they could venture out and throw in a Zeppelin Rammer, Fliegende Panzerfaust, Sombold 344, or even a BV 246? They're all in the same ballpark of being parasite bombs and missiles, though not specifically for the DB projekts.

I'm just glad that Anigrand is doing more Luft46, because Wing144 kits are extremely overpriced and even harder to get ahold of. This link just kills me. Look at the stack of kits which we'll probably never see, specially at those prices:


bluedonkey99 said...

i think you are probably correct regarding the kits and artwork.

as for people bidding unreasonable prices for kits.... on epart agrees, the other part says.. it depends on a persons financial means and needs?

smeg1959 said...

The other day, a Wing144 Ta183 Huckebein sold for $US105.50. The guy was selling a pile of the same items at that Wonderfest for 2500 yen apiece. Now unless the exchange rates have changed remarkably in the last few days, I think a hundred bucks is a little over the top!

With many thanks to Eric (lakespeed), I managed to acquire a Fw Volksjager from Wing144. Beautifully cast resin, no two ways about it, but so tiny it makes an Me163 look like a B-29! With postage, it set me back around $US25.

I also notice Radsan (the beneficiary of the 100 bucks above) has several Kami de Koro Koro kits for $US20 "Buy It Now" on evilBay. A bit higher than the 1575 yen that KdK recommends but, with HobbyLink Japan still awaiting backorders on all of the KdK range, it may be one avenue to get some of these pretty good resin items.

Sadly for this Aussie, the Boomerang is not amongst them!

badger said...

Yeah, I just couldn't bring myself to bid over $50 for a 1" piece of resin. I very much wanted a Ta183. It's just that this is almost as tiny as the Volkjager and is basically a shortened and modified P.1101. There are enough popy kits out there to bash it and make something resembling a Ta183, without too much fuss.

I understand the laws of supply and demand. But crazy is crazy and it's just outrageous to pay that much for a kit. Hopefully we can get a batch of these with the 1000x3 and a few others ordered through Yuuichi again. I'm placing an order for some TAC kits with him so I'll check, although these kits aren't even on the Wing144 site yet.

bluedonkey99 said...

oh, no I do agree!

$100 for inch of resin!

i bought over 25+ resin kits from Don for $5 each!! - although they were not luft'46!

i have eyed up the LMF kits for some time, it would be the TA183

the TAC kits are nice, sad the Sea Vixen FAW2 and cutlass have sold out?

also some of the TAC Burt Rutan designs are nice. interestingly fantastic plastic also plane to do once

smeg1959 said...

Don has a very different philosophy on resin kits than some of his Japanese counterparts. It comes from a love of flying and an deep appreciation of aircraft, something Don wants to share with fellow enthusiasts. Indeed, he only really covers his material costs. All credit to him!

Incidentally, whilst on the subject of Don Schmenk, I see that HobbyMaster is releasing a 1/72 scale limited edition collectable of Don's Super Sabre.

lakespeed said...

Sadly it's all supply and demand. And it's really from what I see on e-Bay one guy that's bidding on everything driving the price up.

I do have the LMF kits and they are really nice and priced really good. The only drawbacks would be no landing gear and no clear canopy.

The TAC kits are getting harder to get now as well.

I can still get any of those kits through my contact in Japan. I'm waiting for Wing144 to hopefully make their other kits available again so I can pick them up. I just can't afford to pay $100+ for a $20 kit anymore.....

bluedonkey99 said...

i would certainly be interested in a few of the other Wing144 kits if there were re-released!

id love that crazy B+V