Friday, August 08, 2008

200,000 Hits !!!

200,000 Hits !!!
Recently I have broken the 200,000 hits barrier!
When I started this site I thought i'd be lucky to get 200 visits?
Now maybe, the No.1 1/144 site world wide?
Thanks you all for coming back and contributing, i hope to continue while people still find it a useful and itneresting place!
The actions I am most pleased about is the response I get from Japan! I find it incredible that still over 30% of my hits come from Japan the home of gashapon and 1/144!!!
Arigatou gozaimasu
Thanks, Hway, Dzãczi , Dêkuji, Danke, Dzieki, Gracias, Obrigado, Tack, Dyakooyu


smeg1959 said...

Congratulations, Martin!

The number of visits reveal the international interest in 1/144 and why, as a group, we should be taken seriously by some of those mainstream manufacturers who believe the scale is only suitable for airliners and nothing else.

May there be many bountiful years ahead ... and may we finally get some decent Spitfires!!!


bluedonkey99 said...

we can be live and dream...

... to quote a famous American

... "I have a dream..."

pbhawkin said...

Well done.
Keep up with the great information you provide and before long you will be adding a Zero to that number!!

Tony said...

I've been building 1/144 military aircraft kits for years. Best I can recall, the first I bought were either the original Revell WWII range of fighters or the first range of LS jets.

Since then I've managed to accumulate a fair horde of them although by no means comprehensive.

I get a lot of heat from 1/48 fans in particular who sneer at 1/144. Well so far as I'm concerned, they can keep their huge models. For every one of theirs I can have two dozen and build all variants and many different squadrons and national markings.

As yes we desperately need some decent 1/144 Spitfires, especially the later versions. Seafires and SeaFury as well.

bluedonkey99 said...

....i think its in some ways harder to get a 1/144 right as you have less margin to play with.

let the 1/48 or 1/35 guys mock! i'd like they to build a kit using a magnifying glass whilst assembling in a plastic bag to stop your parts flying off whilst using tweezers etc!

rather than their life size parts and their hammers and chisels!