Thursday, August 28, 2008

1/144 Nyanko Tank School!

1/144 Nyanko Tank School!
Ok, these must be the strangest 1/144 resin kits I ever have seen!
They appear to be some kind of anime conversion kits for WTM etc.....
maybe, i wont add any to my collection, but they may give you a laugh (or nightmares?)
these were spotted on


Mark said...

Superb :-))) LOL
Love the paw prints on the tracks.

smeg1959 said...

Pussy Panzers and Purrman tanks? There was an article in a national newspaper here in Oz about the worldwide takeover of Hello Kitty and other Japanese "cutesy kitsch", but I never thought it would go this far.

Then again, we do have "crewcats" for several of the Sweet releases ...

pbhawkin said...

The Japanese and in particular Hayao Miyazaki have some great 'Manga' cartoons about WW2 (Germans mainly) as well as 1930ish flying boats (Porco Rosso).
for further info.
Also see:
for info on some of the wonderful fighting machines he has dreampt up.
is a story of a German tank driver.
At the bottom of the page are links to English copies.
If only they had models of some of these other planes....

Anonymous said...

The one that brings question to me is "Mike" because it seems based on a WW2 japanese tankette. But I don't know of any such subject in Panzertales or other common series ?????


bluedonkey99 said...


maybe the IJA tankette is
a)the 1/150 Yujin plastic kit?
b) another resin kit used as chassis donor?


smeg1959 said...

Whatever the case, none of the chassis donors come from WTM - the tracks are way too thick and the level of detail is low. And for the same reasons, I'd rule out items like the Fairy resin kits, too.