Sunday, August 17, 2008

1/144 A-4 and A-7 comparisons

1/144 A-4 and A-7 comparisons
Roberto has provided some compariosn images for the A-4 and A-7 aircraft!
F-Toys Jwings
Cafe Reo - AREA 88
Aero Club
1) Platz are expected to release A-4.... if you can wait ;o)
2) other A-7 are available from producers (e.g FE-Resin)


lakespeed said...

I've got the various Kiwi Wings A-4's and I think they are better than the ones show here. I only physically have the Aeroclub one for comparison though.

Anonymous said...

The Kiwi ones are knock-offs of the first Cafe Reo release :-)

werwulf said...

So which one scales out the most accurate?

Tony said...

OK I got a question. What do you use to strip the paint from models such as F-Toys and J Wings/Cafe Reo ranges?

I working to repaint the Area 88 Draken and make it look authentic but so far all the potions I have used such as "Modelstrip" and various types of thinner won't make a dent on the paint they use.

Any suggestions - short of using a flamethrower!!

bluedonkey99 said...


Try this: As recommended by Roberto.

I can vouch for the fact it works on most prepaints - BUT NOT ALL!?

Some of the FTOYS it wont shift, and some of the others too. It often depends from one series to the next

Rubbing Alcohol aka "Isopropyl Acohol"

Most Chemists in the UK will order it for you, although i suspect this isnt the cheapest method of obatining it. As for other countries i have no idea - Google shoudl help!?

bluedonkey99 said...

Roberto states:

At moment the J-wings is the most acurate as its has dropped flaps and slats.

The panel are nice and detailed,if a little over emphasised.

The A-4E so has landing gearand a good canopy(only drawback is the part inside where there are a fit to fuselage).

The paint can be removed using Rubbing Alcohol, and the kit is easy to disasemble.

The Area 88 was a early release and has some issues.
IT has no landing gear and generally ahs less detailing on the panels etc.

The canopy is a part integrated of humpback, and the nose is a strange shape. It is looking more like a A-4B/C (more rounded nose, however the humpback is for A-4E/F/M)

The paint is easy to remove, but the kit is almost impossible to disassemble.

The Aeroclub A-4 Kit is the oldest...

Like all the Aeroclubs kits it has metal parts(landing gears, air intakes and seats)

The details are not so visible, this is in part due the "low pressure plastic injection" method used in its production.

The canopy is also vacformed (which needs skill to get right) and decals.

It could be argued that maybe the price is high, especially when converted from GBP into USD.

Kiwi Resin Productions.
These also prodiced a family of A-4.
The pictures I gave the impression that they look very similar to that of the A-4 of J-Wings with but modified some parts. Those parts being Nose, tail and vacformed canopy. These were used to construct different versions.
Decals were also provided.

Platz are scheduled to do a new A-4kit (there a pictures somewhere ion this blog) and this is the one that will come out the winner.

Like their F-8 Crusader, it should be excellent quality, fine detailing, great decals and aof course good value!