Monday, August 25, 2008

1/144 Remodel by RKM

1/144 Remodel by RKM
a Remodelled "Canvas" Late Planning Fighter Mitsubishi J4M1 Senden "LUKE" converted.
- add Jet Engine
- add Heavey Canon
- Add wing air intakes
- add new bubble top canopy
- Luft'46 paint
To see a comparison with the original -
also shown a Luft'46 repaint fof the (F-Toys) Kyushu J7W1 Shinden
Well, if Bandai, Popy or Cafe Reo are not going to make another Projekt Flieger...
it looks like we have to make our own?


smeg1959 said...


Beautiful work! The Canvas (or Cambus) items really are gashapon ("egg toys"), coming in an egg-shaped plastic container ... think oversized Kinder Surprise but completely inedible! Whilst they are fairly accurate in shape, they are pretty basic and would benefit some remodelling, even if only to display as IJN/IJA prototypes.

rkmasu said...

I just talked with BD99 how this plane fuselage was very similar to a Focke-wulf design.. Triebflugel..and join the fuselage to a twin tail another focke wulf plan the flitzer we could have this concept...