Sunday, August 17, 2008

1/144 Anigrand updates!

1/144 Anigrand updates!
As indicated from the Tokyo show new models have been upated on the main Anigrand Website!

#AA-4020 Sukhoi T-4MS Swing-wing bomber (September 2008)
+3x Soviet "Black Prjects" !!

#AA-4021 Dougals XB-19 / XB-19A (October 2008)
Two build options!
+ 3x Bonus kit

#AA-4022 Antonov An-22 Antei (Cock) (October) 2008)
+3x Early Soviet Fighters

#AA-4023 Daimler-Benz Project-A (November 2008)
+ 5x Luft 46 fighters

*** Do not forget, there will be additons to the space series and the "flying wings" & "X-planes!"


bluedonkey99 said...

well, I think that for the DBZ-A the possible contenders are:

L >> R

+ FW 1000X1000X1000 "A"
(or maybe, Arado Project 2 )

+ B&V P.212

+ SOMBOLD So. 344
+ Me P.1110 "ENTE
+ Arado E.581.4

can't really do the others so well, as for a start there is no equivalent to luft46 website

badger said...

Wow. These are all excllent selections and are must get kits!

The larger extra appears to be the A bomber. It does resemble the Arado Projekt 2, but only superficially and at a glance. The engines don't protude past the wings on the Ar Projekt 2, the fuselage is a bit narrower, and the wings have bit more surface to them.

The Soviet kits look really good. Lots go goodies to come from Anigrand. Keep it up guys!

smeg1959 said...

Whilst I wish they were a bit cheaper (Don't we all!), I've got to hand it to Anigrand for their incredible release rate and subject choice. In particular, their coverage of Luft 46 items is extensive and is further evidence of the interest in this genre.

lakespeed said...

I think the prices are quite reasonable for what you get. I think just the small "extras" you get would run $15-$20 USD each if they were sold seperately (and som I'd live to buy seperately but I digress.

That XB-19 is gonna be HUGE!!!!

badger said...

So, I did a bit of research and I think these are the bonus kits included with the 2 russian sets:

Su T-4MS comes with (L to R)
1. Mig-37 Ferret
2. Su PAK FA (fictional configuration)
3. Kamov Ka-58 (I think)

All 3 are actually fictional and have never existed beyond drawing. The PAK FA is being produced with cooperation with India, but the configuration being released by Anigrand is one of proposed drawings only. The actual PAK FA appears to be almost identical to the FA-22. I think that by black projects, Anigrand really means "fictional" since the T-4MS was also never built. Might be the theme of this set.

An-22 Cock comes with (L to R)
1. Superficially resembles the Mig 105-11, but it's probably not. This looks more like a lifting body than a jet fighter. I give up! I have no idea what this is.
2. Yakovlev Yak-15
3. Lavochkin La-15

Very much anticipating these kits!