Saturday, August 09, 2008

Two new polls!

Two new polls!

Early Jets 01

Early Luft Jets 02

Big Bird 5 to follow, suggestions welcome!


werwulf said...

For the Big Birds 5 How about Cold War Jet bombers?
NA AJ Savage
EA Canberra
Martian B-57
Douglas B-66
Miarage IV
A-5 Vigilante

TU-98 Backfin

Steve said...

On the Big Birds I would also like to see a IL28.

On the fighters I would like to see the Meteor, Vampire, MiG-9, Yak 15 and 23, F-80, F9F, F-86 and a Mig-15.

bluedonkey99 said...

IL-28 Beagle would be interesting early example, would go well with the badgers!b(trumpeter, are meant to be releaseing)

rkmasukawa said...

Yes,Il-28 looks a logical movement to Trumpeter..
Since they did the 1/72 Tu-160,Tu-95,Tu-16 and Il-28 and we have 1/144 tu-95,tu-160,tu-16 and Il76 family
And it´s very nice Trump bring these big planes in 1/144 scale,they catch the 1/144 fans(we..) and people who don´t have space to keep that 1/72 plastic godzillas..

bluedonkey99 said...

those of you interested in

F-80 / T-33

MIG 15 (various types)

canberra + B-57

should check out ozmods

F-86 also came out as part of one of the wingclub series.

the B-66 isn't that the airforce version of the cafe reo special?

also, FE-REsin may have done the '66

a for the russians, trumpeteer,braz models anigrand, OKB do some, but your not well served!

werwulf said...

Yep, The B-66 is the AF version of the A-3 Skywarrior. Very minute changes here and there but basicly the same. The B-66 was used in the bomber roll for a while in Vietnam, but is most notable for the same function as it's Navy Cousin, Electronic Warfare and recon.