Thursday, August 13, 2009

1/144 Anigrand Future British(UK) kits!!

1/144 Anigrand Future British(UK) kits!!
You remmber in March'09 I informed you of the discovery of David Campbell and his identification of future Anigrand Kits?
On that basis we may still be 6-12 months away from seeing these released?
David has done it again:
The Anigrand Nimrod decal sheet has markings for
Aérospatiale Gazelle / Westland Gazelle ,
The Global Express is the platform for the UK ASTOR (Raytheon Systems Ltd).
XE521....... .big drum roll......which was the RAF code for the Prototype ROTODYNE!


badger said...

I'm confused. Anigrand included decal markings for kits they might release later, in the Nimrod kit? I thought that they only included decals for the main and secret kits in the package? Or did they start adding extra decals as of recent releases?

bluedonkey99 said...

thats correct!

its happened twice now (that it has been noticed)

and the first time around Arnold confirmed this was the case.

if you want to check the numbers from the decal sheet - here they are and google is your freind :o)


bluedonkey99 said...

off the top of my head it was one of the kits released in Feburary or most likely early march -

so was probably the Vulcan or Valient?

tht did this first!

rkmasu said...

As the Dam busters... remember when I asked about the Astor?