Monday, August 24, 2009

500,000 Hits!!!

We have hit the 500,000 Hit 'Mark'!
Thanks to you all for coming and reading the blog,
here is to us all hitting the big 1,000,000 !!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi BD,
Thanks to you for making it happen.
Keep up the good work.

pbhawkin said...

Didn'i I just say congratulations on reaching 400,000 a few weeks ago!?

Congrats again though.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Martin!!


bluedonkey99 said...

The site tends to be hitting 1000 unique visitors a re day +/-500. Whilst this may depend slightly on browser settings, it is at least consistant in its quirky measuremeants....

That said, you are right, the milestones do see to be racking up more quickly!!!

Hopefully, this is a reflection of the interest of (a) the site and (b) in 1/144

Certianly, what i have found reassuring is the number of smaller and pro-am producers coming to the market!

bluedonkey99 said...

PBH was May the 5th!!!

smeg1959 said...

Three-and-a-half months = 100,000 hits? That would have to be up there for unique visits to any blog site, not just ones concerned with scale models. And the fact that the site is being visited by makers of 1/144 kits, resin and otherwise, is great credit to you, Martin.

1 million hits, roll on!

Marvin said...

Congrats for hitting 500K! Here's to the first mil!