Friday, August 28, 2009

1/144 Big Bird 4 by Algernon Products! (update)

1/144 Big Bird 4 by Algernon Products! (update)
The Algernon Blog has updates of what looks like the production versions of the Big Bird 4 Items.
There is also a new online shop for Japanese Customers.
More pictures, including details such as "Wheels up" & "Wheels down" ! etc >>
Also, is that a prototype of the "Dive Bomber" Series in the background (see above)???


rkmasu said...


Anonymous said...

Looks too big to be 1/144th compared to the He-177 in the foreground.

It also looks like it has a 2 blade prop.

Efleet.Kazuki said...

I agree the idea within rkmasu , by this picture :

The shape of both two are almost the same :)

bluedonkey99 said...

i think it is the 144 divebombers, in recent post ALgernon still sated he had not abandoned the project seen at previous hobby shows and featuredon this blog!

i am not saying algernon would not do 1/72, but to date and all intentions point towards future 144