Sunday, August 02, 2009

Altaya 2009 Seaplanes

Altaya 2009 Summer Seaplanes
It must be summer and time for water borne fun?
Altaya have relased a number of seaplanes over recent weeks and these are becoming more widely available on ebay etc.
I think the Z.506 looks pretty mean in that dark grey, the Coronado has to be the ugliest looking plane for sometime!
- Cant Z.506 B - Italy
- Consolidated PB2Y Coronado - USA
Kawanishi H6K4 Mavis - Japan
It would appear the Altaya / IXO region you are in will affect the specific official release date.
However, if like here they are not even sold, then look to e-bay.

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pbhawkin said...

MORE display case room gone!