Sunday, August 09, 2009

1/144 Grumman S-2E "Tracker" by Miniwing (update)

1/144 Grumman S-2E "Tracker" by Miniwing
We have seen this kit before, but now it is shipping and is still looking good!
As said before, this is a great looking kit with 2x sets of decals
  • US Navy
  • Royal Australian Navy

Great details and nice shape, detailed radials and clean molding - even has seat belts + stick!.

and once piece props!

Check the following for more info:


badger said...

I just received mine and this is one beautiful kit. Crisply molded with excellent detail. A bit pricy, but it's well worth it. Very much looking forward to the E-1B Tracer, scheduled for release later this year.

Miniwing has some exciting items scheduled for release this year, including the Beaufigthter, CL-114 Tutor, IA-58 Pucara, Aichi H9A1, Su-15 !!!, C-46 Commando, and Wyvern. Practically all, minus the Commando, are 1st timers in 144, so definitely looking forward to Radek's upcoming kits!

pbhawkin said...

Badger, check out the Beaufighter of mine a few posts down. So although Miniwings might be first for a lot of their wonderful unique planes I am going to claim first for a 1/144 Beaufighter! :-)


bluedonkey99 said...


best get your skates on miniwing had beau on his list too!

i'll mail it too you!


badger said...

You're right Peter. I should give credit where it's due. I'm anxiously awaiting your final results, since it looks amazing right now!

I'll definitely order a couple as soon as they're read.

Lucas said...

What is the price to this model ?

badger said...

Nostalgicplastic sells it for $35 USD with free shipping to US & Canada. It's about the same cost to get it directly from Radek. Yet, for some strange reason, it tends to sell around $45 + $8 shipping on ebay, which just goes to show you how smart some people are. I thought we were in a recession? I guess some folks are confusing these with the ultra limited festival only garage kits from Japan, which sell for $10 at the show and get jacked up to $60 on ebay. Sick.

Anonymous said...

Cramer Craft and Anigrand beat him to the SU-15, though his is listed as a late model version, and Airspede beat him to the Wyvern.

Anonymous said...

Cramer craft are now defunct?

Anigrand SU-15 would be a bonus kit?

Damiya Actually produced a wyvern this year - but it was short run and sold at at tokyo show

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, there was a short run Wonder Festival SU-15 too but I don't count those.

I got my Tracker. Beautifully mastered but I have to say the use of such large casting blocks, particularly with no clear definition on where they stop and the parts start, is fairly off putting. I can't see why they need them either which makes it more annoying.