Thursday, August 27, 2009

1/144 Spitfire planned - Petersplanes GOLD

1/144 Spitfire planned - Petersplanes "GOLD Series"
Do you want a spitfire to the same quality as this >>link<< ?
Yes? Then vote here:


Marvin said...

I would've preferred Oz-Mods to do it, but I guess it's better than nothing. :-S

bluedonkey99 said...

or sweet, or platz? ;o) /\./\

pbhawkin said...

"better than nothing" Hmmm, Thanks for the vote of confidence :-/
Ye, of little faith, Marvin!

Marvin said...

@BD99: I could've thrown F-Toys, Algernon or maybe even Takara into the mix, though I think it would be more realistic to expect a decent Spit from Pete's or Oz-Mods in our lifetime. I said Oz-Mods because their kits don't look like they require a lot of clean up. I can easily ruin that resin Beaufighter!

@pbhawkin: I guess I'm just an impatient man :-). What do we have now? Bandai Mk 1, Minicraft/Trumpeter Mk V and a 21st Century pseudo Mk 9... What else? :-S

bluedonkey99 said...

"I can easily ruin that resin Beaufighter"

by more, keep practacing ;-) that would keep peter happy any how! :-)

i suppose f-toys would be the dark horse in this race, they have doen some fair brits, mozzie etc...

Anonymous said...

Buggar if I know why we don't have as many versions of Spitfire as we do Zero, but anyway. I'll be happy with anybody who can sell me a bunch of decent MkV, MkVIII or MkVIV Spitty kits!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should say decent versions :-)

Crown MkVb - Awful fit, almost no detail, sink marks that can swallow a head.

Revell Mk1 - Slightly better fit than above, but soft detail and terrible canopy.

21st Century blob - It's a Spitfire? Really?

Bandai Mk1 - Pretty decent really. Canopy is a bit oversized but looks ok in the open version, ABS is a bugger to work with and prop needs to be replaced, but can be turned into a silk purse.

Anonymous said...

I have spoken to Alan Ranger who is part owner of Sweet and they are planning a Spitfire - that is very much 'jam tomorrow' I will take some of Peter's Spitfires with a heartfelt 'Thank You'
David Campbell