Saturday, August 22, 2009

1/144 Millenium Falcon Comparison (upd)

1/144 Millenium Falcon Comparison
Roberto has provided pictures of the the two versions of 1/144 Millenium Falcon that have been produced.
Anigrand have produced the most recent edition in Resin and which still seems to be available ?
Those that have received this version have been quick to note the crispness and detialing provided on the kit. It must be noted that this is also limited to 100 kits to ensure the quality and setailing is preserved. Also, be aware you must order direct for this item as it will not be stocked by Nostalgic Plastic or Hannants.
Argonauts of Japan, produced a [licensed] version of the Falcon in the 1990s, this was oddly produced using 'soft vinyl' like the little Airfix Figures! To be fair the only place you are likely to find the Argonauts version of these is on Ebay or via a specialist seller. That said it is still interesting to compare.
As you can see a number of different approaches have been taken in producing the kit and breakliing down the componant structure.
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Ant Sized Man said...

Remember hearing that the Argonauts kit was the most accurate falcon released at the time but the detail on the Anigrand kit looks awesome, looking forward to seeing Roberto take on a few Star Wars kits

rkmasu said...

Yes Argonauts was the most acurate SW kits..until the Finemolds release their 1/72 line...and in 1/144 this was only kit released..
But now Anigrand release this one in much more easy to build...
and details level are the same...
I recomend..and I´m waiting for the Shuttle...and more..Sw 1/144 ships...