Sunday, July 11, 2010

1/144 Dragon Warbirds 2010 - 2011

Dragon have announced thier line-up of the 2010-2011 season 'Warbirds' series. These are 'pre-built' display items, so although no kits should still be off interest.
I suppose we can live in hope some of these could become future kits? (ok, so the F-117A we have seen before by Dragon)

See here for the PDF format catalog

Available: 2010-2011
1/144 X-Planes
51021 Bell X-1 "Sonic Breaker"
51022 North American X-15A
50123 X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle
50124 Grumman X-29A

1/144 Skunk Works/Spy Planes
51015 SR-71A Blackbird
51016 A-12 with D-21 Drone
51017 U-2R "Super Pod"
51018 TR-1A Tactical Recon
51019 F-117A Nighthawk
51020 F-117A "Stars & Stripes"

1/144 Bombers
51002 B-29 "Bocks Car"
51004 B-17G "Silver Lady"
51006 B-17F "Sky Wolf"
51007 B-17G "Flak Eater"

if your wondering the XB-70 is only 1/200


zang92 said...

Bandai has created what appears to be the most beautiful 1/144 model of the biggest flying machine, the
Saturn V. They are working now on
US space shuttle, obviously of same
quality. Dragon, one of the world
leading model manufacturer seems to
think they are not able to make a
Valkyrie in that scale that they
otherwise have chosen for the rest
of their new collection. This is
truly a shame for all people who
collect 1/144 aircraft. Bandai has
once more proven the potential sales for these kinds of high quality and expensive models of
carefully selected historic models.

Anonymous said...