Friday, July 23, 2010

1/144 Platz Area88 Specials (Wonderfest 2010 Summer)

1/144 Platz Area88 Specials (Wonderfest 2010 Summer)

WonderFest 2010 (Summer) is on the 25/07/2010, as has been usual over the last few shows Platz are to release some special Wonderfest Special editions.

Includes J-35F of Kazama Makato

Available: 25/07/2010 (WF2010 only)
Price (A-4): 1,000 Yen
Price: (J-35F): 1,800 Yen

See WF2010(Winter) J-35F post


rmasu said...

If Platz had read what I posted..and made the A-4 without integrated humpback...we could have so many colorfull Aggressors versions!!!
And if the nose and tail could be like Fujimi in 1/72..we could have also early A-4B/C to A-4M/K ....using same central fuselage,wings,and small parts(landing gears)...

Darth said...

Rmasu - I second that!
Platz's skyhawk is such a fine kit. If only the hump was separate...
Maybe someone could make a resin conversion for Platz's kit?