Saturday, July 03, 2010

F-100 Century Series (Production Sprue) - F-Toys

Ever wanted to know what a naked F-100 looks like?

This very interesting image of a F-Toys Century Series Production Sprue came to me today.
I thought you would like to see this piece of "behind the scenes" information.


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John Haverstock said...

Just for what it’s worth, I had a "special" paint job F-100 in my set; it was silver with Danish AF markings. I was also surprised to find that all of the regular releases come with multiple decal options. In all I think there are five or six for the F-106 and at least that many for the -100 and -105. F-Toys has a real winner with this release; maybe they will keep going down this largely unexplored path of releasing original subjects.
John H.