Tuesday, July 06, 2010

1/144 Space Shuttle by Bandai

1/144 Space Shuttle by Bandai

Another of the "adult" (!?) quality Space Shuttle in 1/144.
High Detailed, top quality true collector edition shuttle model.

Available: 2010/12/03
Cost: 47,250 Yen ($540 USD)


This should fit with your 1/144 Saturn in this series you bought earlier (01) (02)


badger said...

Hobby Search has it on pre-order with a 25% savings:

Shipping will also be slashed by 50% if you order in the next week and pay with Paypal. At 33750 + 5000 (shipping), it's not cheap, but includes some savings.

zang92 said...

After having produced their Saturn V of exceptionnal quality, Bandai is about to release a second model of same breed, in their series of
superbly crafted giant historic
models. Doing this, they prove their ability to make top quality
models of any flying machine in 1/144, and to find the existing
market for them. Dragon, one of
leading model manufacturer, who is
planning to release in their serie
of 1/144 US X-planes, a Valkyrie
in 1/200 ?!?, should have a look at
what their fellows at Bandai are
doing so sucessfully.