Tuesday, July 06, 2010

1/144 Spitfire Mk.XIVe - Peters Planes

1/144 Spitfire Mk.XIVe - Peters Planes

The time is coming closer for one of the most anticipated releases for some time!
It promises to be the best 1/144 Spitfire kit todate.......

Available: Soon

Image Gallery by PBhawkins @ KG144 BBS
Image Gallery by RMASU @ KG144 BBS

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Darth said...

When it'll be available?

pbhawkin said...

Firstly thanks to Roberto for doing such a great job with the Silver one. His use of Alcad and SNJ powders really show up even in this small scale and I think I even see instrument dials in there too!
Decals are in production for a number of planes currently.
The molds are ready and planes are being cast (although as it is only me doing them in my spare time production rate is no more than 2-3/week at most currently).
I am (was) looking at putting them in boxes aka Miniwings or Fe-resin but what with minimum orders etc that adds $800 that I would have to try and recoup!!