Monday, July 05, 2010

1/144 ZERO FIGHTER A6M5bType 52 Otsu - Sweet

Apparently due to great demand in Japan, Sweet are issuing another Zero Kit.

Mitsubushi A6M5b Type 52 Otsu

Particular items of interest appear to be: Extra Pilot Armour, Up gunned to 13mm cannon
Woodern wings , Type II unified (wood) drop tank set.

- Package Illustration Huzita Yukihisa
- Decalss option for mulitple: 221 Naval Air Service and 653 Naval Air Service.

Available: July 2010 (Wonderfest?)
Cost: 2,000 Yen
Do not forget to access you special edition Sweet Zero Special EditionWallpaper (updated 1280 version) - Here - u


pbhawkin said...

damn! and I was about to release one of this one too!
I wanted to tap into the millions of Zero fans who collect these planes so avidly as I think Sweet has too much of a monopoly on it at the moment;-)

Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe someone will do an F-18 next. We definately need another F-18 model!
John H.

Anonymous said...

F-18? It's a decent F-16 what we really need!

badger said...

No...Sweet has the pulse of the 144 community well in check. We need more Zeros and fast. Keep them coming! We need drop tanks, pilot figures, anime cats, and more importantly, decals for the variety of the thousands of paint schemes the planes came in. Buy yourself a 20 gallon paint reservoir of IJN green, because that's what 75%-85% of the kits will be painted in.

And here's hoping that CafeReo/Algernon releases Bravo Charlie and Delta sets of the USN series because we need more F-18s in the worse possible way.

Trumpeter, here's your cue to release an Me262 commemorative set, because that's another plane that hasn't received enough attention.

In all honestly, I'm actually glad they're stuck in a loop. With all the outstanding releases Anigrand and Miniwing are putting out, I would have been broke a long time ago had it not been for the major manufacturers stuck in the woods. Maybe I'll even save enough money for the $500 Shuttle "Adult Toy" from Bandai.

Anonymous said...

You're right there. The F-16 from DML isnt bad, I can live with it. But I think it wowld be nice to have a newly tooled F-16 available, and while we're at it, maybe a new F-101 and a series of F-4s... .
John H

Anonymous said...

Guys, guys,

what are you playing at!

its 2010 and its the year of T-4 Blue impluse Jets...

F-Toys, Plats and Sweet havent done these yet this year, so their is still hope for more of these blue wonders!

or maybe another USAF Thunderbirds varient?

pbhawkin said...

?what happened to my post which was the first one? It and one other have gone?


Anonymous said...

The problem with DML's F-16 is that awful intake which is a mere shadow of what it should be. I have one built using the intake of a Minicraft kit. It took a bit of work but the result was worth it.

As for Zeros, what happened to the A6M2-N that Sweet posted pictures of in its website a looong time ago?

Finally, my pocket is also taking a hit with Anigrand's amazing output this year.

Miguel B

bluedonkey99 said...

PBH they appear to be there now?
maybe google was doing something or had a problem over night/day (depening on your time zone)

Anonymous said...

A6M2-N... so we still have some Zero goodness to come!

well spotted Miguel, for a moment i thought we may have come to the end of the road!

Anonymous said...

Well, there's still the A6M7 and the two-seater variant left... (hint hint!!)

Miguel B

Bruce said...

Yeah, and the A6M1 too. Probably best if they do the prototype as well because that is a huge untapped market. Oh, and some all new kits of every Zero version that include a 500lb bomb for the Kamikaze planes.

bluedonkey99 said...

Excellent, looks like there I'd scope for another few years of new zero kits before the reissues and new decal schemes start to arrive!?