Sunday, July 18, 2010

1/144 JU-88 A4 by Foxone

Over a year in design, Foxone has released his latest and largest kit to-date.
It is is alsp probably the most detailed and complex kit produced by Foxone with over 100 parts! Experience of the previous kits indicate that this will be very challenging.

All that said it is a very well reasearched and accurate kit, if you perservere should be a rewarding result.

The kits is offered with an array of 5x Decal schemes so, you should be able to find one or more of interest to you!

For many more detailed pictures see the Foxone JU88 Gallery for built up versions

Available: Now
Cost: 8,000 Yen

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pbhawkin said...

hi all,
great model and well detailed. It will take a experienced modeller to get the best from it.
I think the panel lines look a bit overdone but should be easy to correct with some Mr.Surfacer to partially fill them.
I have it on good authority that there are a number of further versions to follow as well as a long awaited twin!

badger said...

8000yen for a tiny bomber? I'd buy a couple of these if they were priced a little less. Well, actually a lot less. Just can't justify spending this much, considering the F-Toys release can be picked up for 1/10th of the price. By the way, F-Toys actually did quite a nice job with their release. You'd have to work on them a little to make them proper builds, but they have a lot of detail and come together nicely.

Fox One always releases top grade kits in my book, but this is just a little too pricey! Perhaps it's just for the Ju88 fanatic who insist on cockpit detail at this scale.

smeg1959 said...

I agree, Badger. Actually, the F-Toys' series which included the Ju88 clearly came from a different manufacturer than that responsible for most of their output. All four types (Ju88, Mitchell, Ginga and Donryu) possessed a modicum of interior detailing.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic but I agree, the price is too steep. A pity.

Miguel B

Russ said...

I'll be the third to say its a bit too pricey. Although I like the concept of the cockpit detail, if that side panel is left open on a fully assembled airplane - the starboard engine is going to block the view into the cockpit quite a bit. It sure does however really show the nature of the crew layout "four fellows in a vw beetle!" in the 88'

rkmasu.. said...

He could make the BMW engined versions..with squared tails...or just the conversion parts...the A4 versions are same from Minicraft and F-toys .
The mistel warheads are very usefull too adding a option to hard to mask and paint glass nose..