Friday, October 02, 2009

1/144 F-Toys EURO JETS (upd)

1/144 F-Toys EURO JETS
Ok, here we go... some official news on F-Toys EURO Jets.
I hope the ifnal version look a somewhat better, i coudl swear these were Furutu look-a-likes!?
The paint on the RSAF Tornado & Peruvian Mirage are terrible, the colours are all out.
Also, A Euro Jets Series..... so there are 2 RSAF and a Peruvian Scheme?
I know these jets are sold around the world and RSAF is a big buyer, but guys!
There are so many more interesting European schemes and none of these....
Eurofighter "Typhoon" - Royal Air Force, No. 3 Squadron
Eurofighter Prototype #2
Eurofighter "Typhoon" - Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF), 11 Wing, 10 Sqdn
Dassault Mirage 2000 Armée de l'Air (France), EC 2/5 "Ile de France"
Dassault Mirage 2000 Republic Of China Air Force (ROCAF) 499th Tactical Fighter Wing Dassault Mirage 2000 Fuerza Aérea Del Peru, Escuadrón Caza-bombardeo 412
Panavia "Tornado" - Royal Air Force, No. 617 Squadron
Panavia "Tornado" - Royal Air Force, No. 31 Squadron
Panavia "Tornado" IDS - Royal Saudi Air Force

*** Series Special = JASDF Eurofighter! *** >> here <<


Anonymous said...

Well, they just saved me some money there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no 2000N, no GR4 or F Mk2, badly painted order :-)

TonyG said...

Mirage 2000 cockpit looks flattened somehow. Still save for the old Heller kit there hasn't been much choice in this scale so I'll probably get a few to strip and repaint.

But a 2000N would have been preferable.

Likewise the Typhoon. All we have is the old Revell prototype. The F-Toys nose looks odd but still will get some to strip and repaint.

Can't see the point in the Tornado. Dragon's kits are excellent.

But other than these what other "Euro Jets" would they do? Rafale? J-Wings/Cafe Reo has covered it. Maybe the Griffen - the Cafe Reo model is hard to find and damned expensive when you do.

Looking at these they seem to have gone with F-Toys past approach - not much in the way of stores save for tanks (and jammers on the Tornado). Mirage seems to have some missiles at least.

Anonymous said...

I dont think people mind overlap on ranges as long as they are improvements over the previous issues. In the way the final WOTL Vol.3 was so far ahead of the earlier Bandai Releases.

IF F-Toys had migrated through the 50/60s jets there is a wealth of untouched subjects, however how attractive they would be to japanese school kids is another debate...

The Grippen could be a candidate, the, the Drakken and Viggen where still in service with Euro Countries until mid 2005

The whole of Eastern Europe (which includes Russian) on the basis anythin West of the Urals is " Geographical Europe" opens up Migg etc...

badger said...

Wow. These kits look awful. I'm usually one to stand up for F-Toys, but these are just downright terrible. Lots of gaps everywhere, loose fitting canopies, inlets that looks like they're practically falling off, and paint which looks like something I did when I was a kid.

From what I can tell by looking at these pictures, the 15 year old DML Tornado is still much better than this lot.

The Typhoon looks slightly better than Revell's kit, which isn't saying much.

The Mirage is probably the only reason to get this set, even if it's not all that great looking.

I'll be picking up a single box only, with much reservation.