Sunday, October 25, 2009

1/144 Royal Navy Mk.15/17 Torpedo

1/144 Royal Navy Mk.15/17 Torpedo - By Damiya

Here is a nice little (microscopic) kit of a Torpedo, normally on an aircraft kit for 144 you would be lucky to get some misshaped lump of plastic that roughly looks right!

Not so here! This is a stunning Brass + Photo Etched kit that takes 144 accessories to a new level.

A 16 part kit that enables you to assemble the Torpedo, the photo above includes the parts and fret for the torpedo and the enlarged photos of the finished kit!
If your eyes and hands are upto the job it will be something you are very proud of!

Those of you living in Switzerand may want to go down the road and find a clock maker?

Check out Yuunagi's latest work here at the Damiya Blog:

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That's freakin' awesome!