Saturday, October 17, 2009

1/144 scale Luftwaffe Bomber-B special set by Anigrand (upD)

1/144 Anigrand - Luftwaffe Bomber-B special set

Fw.191 / Ar.340 / Do.317 / Ju.288


Another great looking set of Luftwaffe aircraft, not Luft'46 - but "Bomber B" programme prototypes and projects. These were announced at the sumemr Tokyo show and are now available for ordering!

4x Kits (no bonus)

Price: $98 USD + Shipping

Pre-order now for Novemnber 2009 Shipping


pbhawkin said...

Hmmmm, VERY nice.


Anonymous said...

oh cool, more really expensive, poorly cast might have been planes!

Anonymous said...

I see where your coming from, but at least 3 out the four made it to prototype stage and flew!

maybe you would brefere a He-111z & Me-321 or JU-322 set? then they could add in some Dfs-230, BV40, Gotha Ka 430??

The casting is always a difficult issues.

Buy your kits earlier whilst the moulds are fresh and they tend to be fine, look at the photos on this site and the japanese sites such as FUMIs blog.

It is the end of life kits that do sadly tend to be a bit skewed and all over the place.

as for pricey, it depends on what country your in and conversion rates?

FE-resin have just released a single BP-Defiant and thats a quarter of the price of this release?

What would you rather Arnold build?
Arnold is open to suggestions as to futre model runs, you could as him to consider your prefered options.

It cant all be American, Russian or Japanese planes, the truth is German items sell very well and where there is a market there will be product?

Some more interesting British planes would be cool, maybe a 4 in 1 of soem of the brit bombers or the Lancaster/Wellington developments?

or Vickers 6 engined paper planes?

badger said...

I have never found Anigrand kits to be poorly cast, so I don't share that sentiment at all. Working with resin requires a lot of work, so it's not for everyone.

The might have been factor is also what I like about them the most. If it's not your cup of tea, then you're in luck, since no one else is touching this subject matter anyway.

And their price is pretty much right on for resin kits. You always get 4-5 kits for the rough price of 4-5 kits.

Once again, I applaud Anigrand for continually releasing outstanding kits. Keep it up!

By the way, anyone who's into Star Wars, would be amazed by their "Correlian" Falcon. I can't believe how much detail they put into this beauty. It honestly puts anything else I've got in injection form, to shame. It's just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone had one of their suggestions to Arnold actually produced?

I have bought 3 of their kits and I'd echo Anonymous as far as casting quality is concerned. Mine are full of voids, bubbles and mismatched molds I'm afraid. The bonus kits usually fare worst.

Anonymous said...

I've put a lot of requests in for Luft'46, so i cant complain.

It strange how the experience of the kits go? On the britmodeller site there are positive reacctions, other sites have bad, most hae mixed.

as has been said elsewhere, buy early to aviod problems.

if you want to see terrible resin kits buy some Unicraft kits, then you will know what bad is. shame Anigrand does not release some of these? a BMW Flugelrad III anyone, F.-Achgelis FA.284, Sanger silverbird?

Bruce said...

Hmm, I've bought two kits from them and I grab early to avoid mold decay issues. The M50 I bought was pretty bloody awful. The main kit had tons of casting imperfections and details that didn't fill. Two of the three bonus kits had very noticeable mold mis-alignment issues on the fuselage and one had very significant voids/bubbles....big enough to stick the end of a pencil in! This experience soured me for a long while but I relented and grabbed their Mariner. I have to say the main kit was pretty solid. The extra kits however were almost as bad as the first one 1 bought.

bluedonkey99 said...

The only really bad one i have obtained was a late run C-17, that was a horror! so much so I kept the ok bonuses and gave the main kit away!

Otherwise, they are ok, they are resin kits afterall and many of them relatively large.

Maybe, there Quality Control is improving? The Nimrod for instance was pretty much bang on, as with all kits the designer will focus on some areas and compromise on others. You just need to read the reviews and comparisons between Revel and Airfix, or Revell and Dragon to see that?

or, the recent blog regarding the Resin Wyvern Kits from Damiya & Mniwing

Blogs like FUMIs give a fair indication of what the kits have been like and what issues need to be resolved. The FUMI Blog rarely has any horrors, although i am continually amazed by where he is able to find local after market products to enhance his models, or at the drop of a hat re-eningeer somthing out of brass etc?

Bruce said...

Actually, my recollection is Fumi's blog has regularly pointed out many issues with the Annigrand stuff. Another reason why I have been very reluctant to risk doing my cash again.

smeg1959 said...

As a few of you have noted, you need to get in early whilst the mould is fairly new. If there is a valid criticism of Anigrand kits it is that Arnold should probably pull the plug a bit earlier on the number of castings per mould. as Badger observes, the price isn't that bad for short run resin kits unless you get one of the "overcooked" castings.

And yes, I know about these. It was I who scored BD99's "late-run" C-17 (I hasten to add at a very agreeable price!) and it is apparent that the mould was way past its Use-By date at the time of casting. The misalignment of the two fuselage halves will take some careful use of heat and lots of clamping to redress the problem.

On the positive side, I do believe the quality of the moulding has improved. I have the original Projekt B kit with its collection of parasite fighters and recently acquired the Skypirate from the Mariner kit (thanks, Bruce). The surface detail and fit is markedly better on the latter.

To everyone who is bemoaning Arnold's choice of subject matter, just remember back not that long ago and consider what was available in 1/144. When I joined the 1/144 band in 2006, there was probably less than half the variety we have now in both aircraft and AFVs.

But where oh where are all those smegging Spitfires?!!!

Bruce said...

Well, based on positive experience with the Mariner I ordered one of the Luft'46 kits. I really only wanted one of the extras. I'd say this was perhaps the best cast of anything I've got from Anigrand. Having said that, there was still the collection of annoying bubbles and voids, usually in the most inconvenient spots (trailing edges, jet engine hubs, through the middle of 2 propeller blades!). My biggest concern was I received 2 of one bonus kit and 0 of another...but of course not the correct distribution of canopies for what was packed. lets see how this one gets resolved :)

bluedonkey99 said...

my Fe-Resin BP Defiant has holes in it prop! :(