Saturday, October 24, 2009

1/144 V-2 Launch Set - Matsuo Kasten

1/144 V-2 Launch Set - Matsuo Kasten

A nice set of kits from MatK and again, some control and discipline will be required with this kit! It is not one that you will finish in an evening and there are some delicates peices involved and the Meillerwagen (transporter trailer & Service tower) and Abschussplatform(Firing Table) will need particular care. It is however in line with many of the Garage kits you see so there should be no surprises here!

The total set of kit supplied are as follows
- Meillerwagen Transporter Trailer
- Abschussplatform (launch pad)
- The Feuerleitpanzer (Launch Control Vehicle)
- Hanomag SS-100 TRACTOR
- B-Stoff tanker (Opel)
- T-Stoff tanker (opel)
- A-Stoff Trailer
- V-2 Rocket

Possibly, the best source of V-2 Information on the web?

Matsuo Kasten WWW
Ship International = Yes
Paypal = Yes
Price: 10,000 YEN (@ $110USD)


Anonymous said...

The order info link on this post is invalid. Any other sources?

bluedonkey99 said...

Talk to RAdsan at Radjapan