Saturday, October 24, 2009

1/144 Me-323 "Gigant" - Matsuo Kasten

1/144 Me-323 "Gigant" - Matsuo Kasten =============================
Here is a might beast if ever i saw one!
This is a great kit, although not one to be rushed! The structural parts of the kit are good and the fit is pretty good for a garage kit. The smaller parts should be fine, but will need some cleaning up.
An excellent set of decals is provided as are instructions, which will be needed as I imagine like most this is not the type of craft you have built everyday!
I first saw this many years back at one of the Project 144 shows, and now it can be yours too!
Nice kit and good service from Matsuo Kasten.

Matsuo Kasten WWW
Ship International = Yes
Paypal = Yes
Price: 10,000 YEN (@ $110USD)


badger said...

This is easily a month-long build if you ask me. There are a lot of delicate parts and some serious skills required to make a good showing here, but it might be worth the investment in time. And clear off about 18" of desk space while you're at it!

bluedonkey99 said...


It is certainly a kit that will "seperate the men from the boys"

I think its a contender for a "winter kit", when those long dark night draw in and there is nothing to watch on TV, and it is too dark and cold to go out!


144hack said...

I think this Kasten guy deserves an award for some of the stuff he's done in 1/144 vehicles and aircraft. It's good to know that somebody isn't afraid to do subjects that nobody else will. 144 scale has come along way and people are dying for anything WELL DONE. 1/144 jeeps are selling for $60.00. That says something.

bluedonkey99 said...

I am sure that rather than a medal, he would just rather people bought his stuff!?

but seriously, yes some great looking items, some of the AFVs look really nice and the aircraft range looks to be turning interesting!