Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1-144 C-130 + F4 "Blue Angels" - A-Model (upd)

1-144 C-130 + F4 "Blue Angels" - A-Model

An interesting combination, the "Blue Angels" F-4 Phantom and C-130 "Hercules" Team Support Aircraft!

I expect more information to follow!

Price: @25GBP / 35 USD

Based on recent issues, I think this may not be last we see of these two kits forms.

Thanks to RKM & FCM


Bruce said...

I was wondering when they'd get around to releasing that F-4J.

144hack said...

I was wondering when they'll get around to releasing that C-119 (I have a dream)......I know Blue Angels are popular.....not sure we needed another C-130 ????

bluedonkey99 said...

I dont know?

After 40 yrs there must be enough scenarios for a c-130.

I suppose the acid test is whether or not its any better than the minicraft one or not?

being -model, i assume there will be a gun ship, and if they have used modeular componants like the Canberra i wonder if they do a tretched version of the c-130?

or mabyea L1101 (?) or what ever the civillian version was?

Anonymous said...

The sprue photos I saw looked like typical Amodel....good quality short run plastic...detail a bit soft, but generally ok. I doubt it will be as good as the Minicraft one, but if it is 80% as good and 50% of the price they'll probably move some.

rkmasu said...

Just looking decals...the yellow is not orange?
And probably need paint the nose of Herc...and match the color of a tricky thing

badger said...

Minicraft's C-130 kits sell for an average of $25USD at online stores in the States. They have excellent decals and the Fat Albert can be purchased for $22 from Squadron. These are great kits, but a bit pricey. It's probably cheaper to have these shipped out, rather than buying them from European stores?

Anyway, I've never been impressed by A-Model decals, and this one is no exception. Plus, it sells for $30USD. The F-4J doesn't look all that great either, so I'm pretty sure these will be going to the discount bin eventually.