Sunday, October 25, 2009

1/144 Westland Wyvern - Damiya vs Miniwing (upd)

1/144 Wyverns - Damiya vs Miniwing
This year has been a good year for the revival in British and Commonwealth Aircraft, starting with Anigrands various releases and more recently Miniwing and now Damiya.

I have obtained two versions of the recent Westland Wyvern release and thought it interesting to give a quick comparison, this isn't coming to be am empirical or ARC style as some would undoubtedly want (usually as i do to many thinks ad-hoc and forget to take all the photos correctly!). It is however a bit of fun to see how two similar models compare and the positives and negatives of each. It is also always interesting to see how two different modellers approach the same subject and which areas they choose to focus on!

It might be slightly academic, as unless you can get to a Tokyo show you are less likely to score a Damiya Kit than a Miniwing kit!

Westland Wyvern TF.1 - Damiya 144-wyvern-by-damiya
Westland Wyvern S.4 - Miniwing 144-wyvern-by-miniwing

First off, I am not an expert on the Wyvern - and most of the drawings of this aircraft on the web are not consistent enough for me to find one set of plan drawings that give a solid basis for comparing the shape and profile of these two aircraft. I will however say, when taken each and on its own they both look fine, once you compare them side by side they have obvious differences... I also don't know if there where differences between the TF.1 and S.4 to merit such deviations?

In summary:

Damiya Wyvern TF.1
I like the mulitpart wings of this enables you to build a great "wings up" (folded wings) with it double hinges. This would make an interesting display and as indicated in the previous article the wing ends are detailed and the photo etched parts allow for hinges. I think this would make a "wings out" (straight wings) a little more tricky to build as great care in the alignment would be needed? The profile of the aircraft looks slight out, maybe a little short and squat?

The Photo etched parts is a nice touch and allows for winglets and flanges to be finely modelled.
It also adds some finishing touches again with the wings regarding the airbrakes? at the rear as they are dropped down as per the real thing. It also has a 'clear' resing canopy although it may need some 'future' polish applied?

The tailplane is also interesting as it is moulded on the fuselage it looks like the Rudder could be cut out easily for repositioning. The multi part exhausts look good.

The down sides of this kit are the trailing edged are a little too thin and are almost not there, the panel lines on the fuselage are a little coarse in places and on the nose a little arbitrary? The landing gear also looks a little thin and fragile.

The underneath of the aircraft centre section is very detailed and well cast.
The decals are the usual ALPS style.

Miniwing Wyvern S.4
This has a single piece wing which will be easy to fit, it is also very nicely detialed. I imgaine with some care and a razor saw you would also be able to present this in a "Wings Up" (Folded wing) display, although by it nature it lends itself to a "Wings Out" (Straight wing).
The airframe profile on this kit looks more "right" being slightly longer and slender over all.

On this kit a number of the winglets and flanges are either supplied as resing pieces or moulded onto the wings. This will make for an easier construction, but perhaps less detailing overall.

The canopy is a traditional miniwings vac-form and as ususal you get a spare.
The tail plane and rear wings are cast seperately and should be no problem, they are also finely decorated. The panel lines on this kit are certianly its strong point the wings panel lines look good and the fuselage and nose detailing is excelent, and very crisp they look "right".

The undercarriage is perhaps slighly less accrute than the Damiya but it is more robust and that is probably more important at this stage. The exhausts would also benefit from some drilling.

The centre section is perhaps less detailed, however once you have attached the rocket munitions or (a torpedo) you will not be able to tell much difference. It is interesting to not that both kits vary most in this area!? As indicated at this time I dont have the information to decide one way or the other?

ALPS decals by Y-Kraft(Japan)

I think they are both nice kits, and no one kit comes out on top due to the differences in their implementation. It will be a matter of personal choice as to the amount of detail vs realism vs accuracy vs build difficulty!


Richard Colvert said...

Nice to see a comparison of these two kits of my favourite aircraft. The Damiya kit is also of the S.4 by the way, the TF1 was piston engined and an almost totally different beast, so a direct comparison is valid. Both kits look a bit off shapewise to me, the Miniwing kit seems the better of the pair but has a too blunt spinner. Although the Damiya is an ambitious kit detail wise it doesn't really capture the Wyvern for me. But at last there is a choice now. One day I'll finish mastering my own that i started three years ago!

bluedonkey99 said...


when you do finish the master, you know where to come to show the world or get it cast!?


Richard Colvert said...

Oh too right, 1/144 is my favourite scale and your splendid blog would be my first port of call. I just need some time to concentrate on my own stuff rather than pesky bill paying commisions! I'd love to kit some of my fave 40's and 50's though Anigrand seem to be on a mission to make everything I think of!

Jura said...

Would please somebody let me know, how/where to buy Dameya´s kits?


bluedonkey99 said...


You can try his website, but a couple of us have tried in this in the last month or two since the last show in Japan and have had no response!

Plan B, would be to travel to Japan for a Project144 show and buy off the man himself!

Plan C, would be to mail Foxone who has offered to buy kits, his website is in the links on this site!

If you would like RAF Ground Support try Matador or PG Models - also in the links on this site.


bluedonkey99 said...


for the Damiya ordering, try the MSMG (Japan) Link, and not his Blog site

Jura said...

Thank you very much for that all :-)!Plan B would be a big challenge, but there is no direct train line to Japan from Europe :-)))
I tried to write to MSMG,but... as I´ve understood from the BabelFish translator, Mr.Dameia produced limited serie of 33 kits for 2009 summer event only :-( . I´ve seen some on Japanese auction pages, but with no possibility to bid form Europe. In fact, the main attraction for me are folded wings and that cute torpedo....
Never mind, having huge experience with etching details maybe I will work on my own torpedo and set od Wyvern´s details.
BTW, Richard, if you will finish your master, here is no problem to make etches + decals for it here.

bluedonkey99 said...


Foxone is still an option and he can communicate in English.

alternatively take a miniwings and convert it?