Sunday, October 25, 2009

1/144 Westland Wyvern TF.1 - Damiya

1/144 Westland Wyvern TF.1 - Damiya
Another item from the summers hobby show, a nicekit of the Westland Wyvern TF.1 by Damiya
(Later, I will be comparing this to the Miniwing Westland Wyvern S.4)
A nice garage kit with some interesting features, of particular note are the
3x part wings
Photo etched parts
Clear resin canopy

The 3x Part Wings lend itself to being constructed with folded wings as this is unusal in 144, and this kit has its end section moulded and incledd PE 'hinges'.

Some of the trailing surfaces on the wing are a little thin, and the undercarriage looks a little thin.

However it does have nicely defiend mid exhauses and the PE sections add some nice detailing to the overal effect.

Of course if you could get hold torpedo it woud add to this kit.

On a display it would overall look a nice kit - as you can see above!

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