Wednesday, October 06, 2010

1/144 Galaxy C-5M & Sentinel R.1 - Anigrand

1/144 Raytheon Sentinel R.1 (RAF)

Airborne Stand-Off radar system

(for this price, i would expect a number of [British/RAF] bonus craft!!??)

Available: October 2010

Unit price: US$78 / International shipping: US$12

Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy

Redefining strategic airlift

(curiously, not the most expensive anigrand kit!)

Bonus Items Left to Right:

1. Fairchild T-46

3. O-2 Skymaster

Available: December 2010

Unit price: US$118 / International shipping: US$22

Also: 1/72 Galaxy C-5A !


rkmasu said...

Sentinel is nice!!
a little expensive to airplane size..unless we have 3 RAF extra kits.
A shorts Tucano?
A Hs-125 Dominie? or Jetstream?
or a Provost?

zap123 said...

Probably comes with a bonus Gannet, PR9 Canberra and Shackleton

Hobbes said...

I knew it! I've just finished a scratchbuilt Sentinel (using decals from Anigrand, btw). Oh well, at least I got to finish it before Arnold.

build thread on Whatifmodelers

bluedonkey99 said...

A nice build sequence and finsihed item

Ant Sized Man said...

Great build Hobbes.

Quite interested in the Sentinel kit myself, hoping for some nice RAF or Navy extra kits from the 60's

badger said...

C5 bonus kits:
1. ?
3. O-2 Skymaster

O-2 and C5 alone make this worth the purchase! The others are basically fillers.

rkmasu said...

1-is not Fairchild T-46?

John Haverstock said...

Looks like a T-46. Its too fat to be an A-9.