Friday, October 15, 2010

All Japan Model Hobby Show

Photographs used with permission of Mr Yamada of MYK Decal.
More photos can be seen here:
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It looks like an exciting season ahead (and bank breaking)
I cant remember when I had some many aircraft to report in one day!

Tomytec Gimix Series - Tomy have gone crazy with new announcments:
1) the F-15 Series 03 that we all know about about!
2) the Fw-190 display series we also was aware that was coming.
3) new images of the CH-47 Gimix series - this looks more definate now
possibly with accessories : sound module(?) + Desktop Flyer !
4) the suspected reissue of Wings of Luftwaffe 109s? (new paints - see Romanian 109!)
5) UH-1H/J - Bell UH-1 Iroquois

F-Toys - JASDF Series 3
F-85D, T-4 & U125

F-Toys - JASDF Limited Edition!
F-86, F-4, & F-2?

Pit-Road - are showing their new kits
1) Sprue shots of the Eurofighter Typhoon
2) T-50 PAK-FA - Russian advanced fighter
3) TSR.2 - with payload images
4) more J-35F
5) F-35A and F-35B STOVL Joint Strike Fighter

Doyusha / Dragon - various
1) F-2 Series
2) T-4 Series


Anonymous said...

Well, this is an opportunity to find CH-47J Chinook Memorial paint of the SDF 50th Anniversary at JASDF Iruma from takara tomy, remembering that f-toys only make 300 pieces (-Limited Item-Heliborne Collection 2)

The following helicopters are from GiMix:

-Ground Self-Defense Force CH-47J 1st helicopter group (Kisarazu) 106 flight squadrons

-Air Self Defense Force CH-47J Kasuga helicopter air transport party (Kasuga)

-Air Self Defense Force CH-47J Irima helicopter air transport party (Irima) Air Self-Defense Force 50th anniversary commemoration paint

-U.S. Army CH-47D

Regards, Victor

John Haverstock said...

Another T-4, REALLY????

Baron said...

Is there a release date for the reissue of the Me109s?

bluedonkey99 said...

I do not have any information yet.

As the Fw190s, Ch47s are due for end of 2010, it might be a reasonable assumption based upon previous release strategy to estimate a release of March 2011 for the bf-109 and UH-1s

With maybe another F-15 release!?