Friday, October 22, 2010

1/144 P.1000 LandKreuzer RATTE - Matsuo Kasten

How is a your bank account feeling? Matuso Kasten is to produce a limited edition 1/144 P.1000 LandKreuzer RATTE for the Wonder Fest 2011 (winter) - yes, I know its a long time away - but expect it to be price tag to match the monster tank!

The price is unknown - but 150,000+ yen could be expected?????
Available: Feb/Mar 2011

PS: there are to build a Vomag, but I would recommend the Kampfgruppe144 Black Label Vomag! ;o)

Matsuo Kasten - Info Here


badger said...

It'll probably sell for 15,000 or less. 150,000 would be insane and they'd likely sell fewer than a dozen to a handful of rich die-hards. Let's hope for something closer to 50,000 like their outstanding Grille.

bluedonkey99 said...

a regular tank sells for 2,500 - 3000 Yen

the Me323 & V2 set sell for 10,000 Yen each and thats a whole lot less resin and work than a Ratte!?

Here is a similer 1/144 Resin RAtte Kit by Repuls99 sold 130,000Yen !!! last year...

So even accounting for Auction price, I would be amazed to see it for less than 15,000 - I'll make you a deal ! if its less than 15,000 i'll buy myself and you one!

It would be hard to see the Matsuo Kasten Ratte as more than a small number of hand cranked kits


badger said...

I think you're right, BD. I didn't take into consideration the sheer size of this kit, and just how much resin was involved. I'd venture that there's about 20,000Yen in production costs alone, if not more.

Oh well, this kit would just take too much shelf space anyway! I'll stick to working on the Dora when I can find the time.

smeg1959 said...

That is one enormous beast!

Looking at those size comparisons on the Repuls99 auction, I reckon the biggest downside (apart from the likely cost) is that the damned thing looks like a 1/35 or 1/48 scale AFV that someone has accidentally stuck on the shelf with all their 1/144 scale models! At least the 1/144 Dora looks in scale proportion with a CanDo Maus or E100.

Anonymous said...

The same kit ( these pictures) was listed as A14-05【シュバルツシルト】

during 2004 Wonder festival


Unknown said...

Where can I buy one of these? I must have one

bluedonkey99 said...


goto the matsuo kasten international ordering page

Paypal accepted.
Matsuo's English is good enough for you to be able to communciate and order etc.


bluedonkey99 said...

sgt. Miller said...

You all know that there is
NO such thing as a Pz1000
right? You're not idiots.
I am 86 years old, and I
was in the first company
to go into nazi germany in
1944. If I remember correctly
it was able company.
I was one of the engineers
tasked with the rounding up of
german arms and armour.

This is just a kitbash people.
If you look it has various
weapons from diffrent factions
of World War two.
And really, a crane on a tank?
that is just stupid.
A crane can snap off under fire
and topple, killing any other
tank,truck or other APC
in it's downward path.

p.s. sorry f0r any bad spelling
I lost my glasses.

Anonymous said...

Sgt Miller

You are quite correct, everyone knows a) it didnt exist, b) it would be a totally impactical device and c) Allied airpower would have destroyed or incapacitated it before it left the yard.

The 'Lord of the Rings' isnt an historical and acurate rendition of history, it doest stope people reading the books or collecting things associated with it?

And as for a crane on a tank, maybe you shoulf google some engineering tanks and bergepaners and you will see that cranes on tanks for recovery and in field engine replacements itsnt such a stupid idea!?

Perhaps you should relax a little


sgt. Miller said...

yes, custer I see your point.
Still, it could be internnaly
stored. if hitler
had not been a vile and evil bastard, it could have worked.
but, that thing would need to be
driven or disassembled
then put on a train to move to
the fr0nt lines.
i'm old, not senile.

and, yes it would have been
torn apart by U.S. air patrols.
finnaly, when I crossed the
siegfried line in 1944,
my 8 man squad and I first found
giant canals with camo netting
stretched over them.
But in the bottom of those canals,
we found imprints of tank tracks.

but the wiered thing was,
that each track was 20 feet wide
in most places.
you will NOT find any of this information in any
readable non-exsponged

this was all classified by the
government in the 50's.

i will be in big trouble
for telling you this.
but, if it helps, it helps.

good luck to all of you serching for this damn thing.

sgt. Miller said...

yes I remember now, a crane
was put on a tiger II
in some repair tank yard
that we engineers found.

but it replaced the gun
barrel. and the tiurret had sustained damage that was pached with sheet metal.

also,when we had crossed the siegfried line,
we found canals dug
into the ground, with camo netting
stretched over it

but what was interesting was that
these canals being 70 feet wide,
had tank tracks 20 feet wide and
40 feet apart.

and finally,
you will not find any of what I
just told you in any history
book, channel, or any other
source avalible.

because this has been classified
by the government, I will
probably cach hell for
telling you.

so with this information
I have given you,
good luck finding even
blueprints of this monster.
I am old n0t scenile

again, p.s. sorry for the spelling
errors, I have not yet found my glasses

sgt. Miller said...

oh yes, sorry guys,
but I think the wonderfest
has been cancelled.
you know the earthquake, tsunami AND biohazard nuclear waste.
those poor japs are going to have another nagasaki or hiroshima
on their hands.

p.s. I just found my glasses hooray!

Anonymous said...

besides Matsuo Kasten, remember MR El_Basser 's collection @

still waiting for this version and cheaper price ...

Anonymous said...

forged in battle are doing one of these for 15mm