Saturday, October 23, 2010

1/144 JU-88 Mistel Kit G-1 for FW-190

1/144 JU-88 G-1 Mistel Kit for FW-190 (Ref# P-90002)

Although being sold by ekidult on Ebay, there is a suspicion that these is this is a form of releasing the Aviation Model Mistel as it shares the same reference serial as the AM FW-190?

The kit com with enough components to build a complete aircraft with a number of options based substitution of the aircraft nose.

Without doubt you will be able to build the JU-88 G-1 version with BMW201 (as supplied)

The kit however is an nice looking and is well formed. It will look good when completed and an interesting subject for a diorama or shelf display.

Whilst intended for a Fw-190 (not supplied) you maybe be able to adapt for others?

It comes with a range of nose (2x warheads and 1x cockpit), so you will have some spare parts........

Based upon the input from Petersplanes on KG144 BBS if you buy some additional F-Toys Ju-88's you can build arange of Mistels - I recommend looking at John's Mistel Site for options?

Available: Now (ekidult on Ebay)
Price $65

Photos, with permisison PBhawkins

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Anonymous said...

I bought mine for USD 39. probably due to high demand, the seller, J Wong , raised the price from USD 39 to USD 69 ?

Must be selling like crazy ?