Friday, October 22, 2010

1/144 F-Toys JASDF (Limited Edition)

F-Toys are to issues another 1/144 JASDF Set, this time a "Limited Edition" followin on from the main JASDF Vol.3 issue!


Its not clear if these will come with the usual alternate colours or series special, butyou can always hope!? There are more pictures of these and pack shots in the Tokyo Hobby Show 2010 Links #1 #2

Available: December 2010
Cost: 475 Yen each item


badger said...

According to Nitakayama's blog, these are sold out before even hitting the stores. Just goes to show you that there's a huge market for anything JASDF related in Japan! Or someone bought huge quantities hoping to make a killing on ebay?

bluedonkey99 said...

probbaly most likely domestic demand with a dash of ebay.

It did say "Limited Edition" so numbers may have been articifically low.

In the same respect that the "Shows Specials" are produced in such small volumes that despite only being available at the event most sell out in a less than a day.

They must be popular, I am sure a USAF series would be equally popular in the USA?