Sunday, October 10, 2010

1/144 F-15J/DJ JASDF GiMix Series 03 - Tomytec

Tomytec has put up thier pages announcing the F-15J/DJ JASDF GiMix Series 03.
I am sure this will be of interest to many, they do look quite nice!

See the links below for more images:

New Tomytec Homepage:



Anonymous said...

Japanese F15, F4, T4, F15, F4, T4,
F15, F4, T4 and again and again and
again... I stop buying these sets, and know I'm not the only one.

bluedonkey99 said...

I never started on these JASDF Jets!

John Haverstock said...

I tend to agree about them just reprinting the same airplanes in different Japanese markings over & over. But this F-15 is the best F-15 that can be had in our beloved scale. I just repaint and re-mark them. Its too bad though to have to loose all that great stenciling, but none of my other planes have it so its not a huge deal.
Same is true of the Doyusha F-4EJ, its a great starting point and with the basic airframe I can now make any flavor of F-4, except the fat fuselage UK variants.
I would like to see something other than JASDF markings too, but alas, I happy to have what I can get in this scale.
John H.

John Haverstock said...
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John Haverstock said...
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badger said...

This is by far the best 144 kit, hands down no questions asked. The only kit that even comes remotely close to it is the Platz A4 & the Sweet Zero, combined.

We're always demanding for more detail, more weapons, more more more and Takara has answered it with a masterpiece. I think it calls for a little more appreciation. I for one, have not missed a single one of these, starting back with the Midnight Eagle series and I'm looking forward to the next sets as well. I've even purchased multiples of some of these to do some US & IDF paint schemes.

These are easily 100 times better than anything Doyusha has ever put out, so it's not even fair comparison. They don't even belong in the same sentence. The only parallel I see is Sweet being stuck in Zero mode, and Takara being stuck in F-15 & FW190 mode. The only difference is that Zeros were either white or green, while the F15 & 190 come in a multitude of amazing schemes, which Takara masterfully represents. Not all of us can come close to what some of the master modelers produce, so these pre-painted kits really hit the spot. Besides, you really have to hold one of these in your hands and marvel at what they've accomplished. Seriously, it would take an accomplished modeler a good 2-3 weeks to put something together that would rival these.

I hope Takara release all 80 or so of the very colorful F15 JASDF paint schemes, because I'm in line for every one of them. And I don't even particularly like the F15 all that much!

John Haverstock said...

I agree with Badger, except for that part about Takara releasing all 80 or so Japanese F-15 paint jobs. Instead of rehashing the F-15 every few months, perhaps they could invest their time and resources in producing kits of other airframes. There are a lot of sought after subjects to choose from, especially the non Japanese Air Forces.... .