Saturday, October 23, 2010

1/144 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X - Peters Planes

1/144 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X - Peters Planes

With the exception of the DH-98 De Havilland 'Mosquito' then the vast array British and Commonwealth twin engined aircraft have been overlooked by the major players except Altaya/Ixo. I think that this under represented group of twine engined British aircraft are about to gain a great boost if Petersplanse continues with these selections.

This kits provides you with the ability to build the Beaufigther and man of its permutations, there is a great oppertunity to obtain a nice looking kit with fine detailing and a great form.

It s a nicely moulded kit with well defined and well formed items, with just the right amount of parts to balance the level of detail and challange for a weekend build. It will provide a nice kit for those modellers just startingout on resin kits, but also come with enough remodelling options and varient that an more experience modeller wull have a lot of fun considering and building someof the the more challenging combinations.

So we arrive at the Beaufighter , and it comes not only with the more familiar Beaufighter round necalled Hercules engine, but the also the school boys favourite Merlin engines (both with metal props) and a option for radome on the nose.

An an underslung 21" Torpedo is also provided!

Available: November 2010 or ebay now
Prices: (its gets a bit complicated!)

Kit Type:
For Resin Kit and Vac form Canopies (A$ 25) For Resin Kit and Resin Canopies (A$ 25)

An additional option is, the "Merlin Pack" for (A$5), consists:
Two Merlin engines, two wings to convert, a vacformed Bouton Paul turret and two white metal props to make either the Mk.IIf or Mk.V

Decal Options:
Choose 1x Aircraft at order (A$ 2) or Decal Sheet for ALL 30x aircraft options (A$ 35)

HD images:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 Decals


Anonymous said...

I have now got 3 of these and they are very good indeed,


pbhawkin said...

Thanks David.
I am glad you like them.
Please post or send some pictures of any that you complete.