Monday, April 25, 2011

1/144 Sd.Kfz 263 8-Wheeled Radio Car - Panzer Depot

1/44 Sd.Kfz 263 8-Wheeled Radio Car - Panzer Depot

Panzer Depot is continuing to produce items at a prolific rate.
This issue is an eight wheeler Schwerer Panzerspähwagen (Heavy armored reconnaissance vehicle),with a fixed superstructure dedicated radio vehicle with the bedstead frame aerial.
This one was based on the Sd.Kfz. 232/3 series. Note that curiously, that there is also a 6 wheeled Sd.Kfz. 263 (!)?

I think the definition on this one doesn't look as good as previous issues in these photos, although I have found this to be deceptive in the past as the actual models often look better. I am slightly more concerned over the paint schemes used this April on this item and the recent Marder as they are becoming a bit too exotic and to far away from the OKH RAL colours?

3x colour options
Available: April 2011
Price: $17.80 USD

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