Thursday, April 07, 2011

1/144 Bell X-1 "Sonic Breaker" - Dragon Models

1/144 Bell X-1 "Sonic Breaker" (1+1)

Dragon is offering a fine 1/144 scale model of the Bell X-1 as part of its aircraft collection.

The new set features two complete X-1 aircraft models.
- the first is a standard replica of this supersonic craft, while
- the second has a transparent fuselage that shows off the “interior” of the unique X-1.

Both fully built-up and finely painted models
are masterfully recreated in miniature. They also come with a sleek display stand made of metal that allows both models to be displayed “flying”

Available: April 2011
Price: ???

- New Tooling!!
- Fully detailed 1/144 Bell X-1
- Two complete X-1 replicas: one standard and the other with transparent fuselage showing off "interior" of X-1
- Stylish metal stand included
- Accurate engraved panel lines
- Historically accurate markings
- Pre-assembled

Dragon Wings
This series includes high quality diecast models of modern and historical aircraft. Each item is recreated with lifelike details and is true to scale


rkmasu said...

Now this one is very nice...
Historic planes..
I just could pray for someone release B-29 Mothership set conversion for Fujimi kit with decals?
Or even Dragon could do a new B-29?
And the U-2R/Tr-1 ? will be die cast only?

John Haverstock said...

I personally like to see more 50's jets.

badger said...

Muroc Models has a mothership conversion which is actually quite nice. Used to be able to buy it from Edwards Airforce Base in California, but their giftshop is now closed on-line.

You can reach out to David Newman directly via email for his kits, conversion sets, and excellent decals:

He had the following back in 20098 when I bought his entire set:
X-1A/B/D Kits
EB-29 Mothership Conversion
M2-F1 Kit
F-8 Super Critical Wing Conversion
X-38 Kit
ETF-51D NASA Decals
X-1A/B/D Decals
B-58 & B-47 Decals

Very reasonable prices and a very nice guy in general.

rkmasu said...

This is a very interessanting info..I never heara about this conversion set or decals,these are very wanted itens..
Can you take pics and send (to post here in the Blog?)

badger said...

I'll take pictures when I get home, but here's some pictures I've found online:

rkmasu said...

the decal of mothership is nice...the conversion parts...there are 2 propelers in pic but came 4 for B-29?

zang92 said...

So sorry this little gem, fully
detailed inside, is not provided with important exterior detail, I
mean landing gear ! Hoping next models in the series, U2, TR1, will
be equipped with these details, and
in case of X15, correct skis rear gear. I am sure many guys like to
display their models on ground.

badger said...

Actually, the pictures on the DML site show that it has landing gears on both kits:

Check out the first picture, with both planes on the stand. It looks like they come with landing gear. If that's the case with this set, it's a real nice one!

Spruemaster said...

I would like to buy this conversion set from Muroc...

It is good ? Is the same for X-1 and X-1A ?

Thank you !