Sunday, April 17, 2011

1-144 Me-264 'Amerika Bomber' - Anigrand

1-144 Me-264 4-Engined 'Amerika Bomber' - Anigrand

While this is a very interesting bomber, it never got beyond a few prototypes before being abandoned, although one is reported to have entered service with the Luftwaffe Transport Command.

It was obviously developed in response to the 'Amerika Bomber' programme, however the Me-264 did find favour with either the Kriegsmarine, or the Lufwaffe. The Kriegsmarine in Germany having more experience in long range multi engined aircraft favoured the Ju-290 and the Lufwaffe allegedly the He-277?!

Although a 4-engined bomber, it is still on the 'Medium' side compared to the 4-engined bomber deployed in there thousands by the Allies, the Lancaster, B-17 and certainly the B-29 are pretty 'Heavy' in comparison to this German development.

Based upon the price, and previous Luftwaffe issues from anigrand we should be able to expect around 4 bonus items from this.

Available: June 2011
Price: $78 USD


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