Saturday, April 16, 2011

1/144 Polish TKS Tankettes- CGD

1/144 Polish TKS Tankettes- CGD

CG Dynamix (CGD) has launched a new series of Micro Tankettes, despite there tiny size they were very effective against the German panzers in 1939. The small size and low profile made it difficult for the german tank gunners to track and target these machines, additionally thier 20mm and 37mm AT guns were more than match for most German armour of the day.

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The following items are available:
* TKS - 20 ($15.90) (ebay)
* TKS-D - 37 ($15.90) (ebay)
* TKS - Auto Trolley ($18.90) (ebay)
* PzKpfw TKS(p) + Figure ($18.90) (ebay)

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