Saturday, April 30, 2011

1/144 Ta-184 Huckbein - Foxone

1/144 Ta-184 Huckbein - Foxone

Foxone is to shortly issue a new resin kit for the skilled resin modeller!

This more credible Luft'46 fighter than some in fact having a number of design concepts that could well have produced a satisfactory fighter akin to the Saab Tunnan opposed to Willi Messerschmidt P.1101 and the potentially follow up Bell X-5?

Personally, I must point out that the Ta-183 is still available in plastic as manufactured by JACH and packaged by VALOM available from various sources

The finish on the following kits by Foxone, is excellent and has much to recommend and inspire!
JG1 "Yellow 5"

JG2 "Yellow 10"

Available: May 2011
Price : TBC

Purchase from Radjapan or HLJ when available


rkmasu said...

Strange release a resin kit when the subject is avaliable in injected plastic.
There was so many luft 46 to be released(me262 HG III,bv194,dfs228.or even conversion sets..for exemple a resin conversion set for make the Me-1099 (using Eduard wings and naceles)or Arado 234 4 engine naceles /nose canopy

bluedonkey99 said...

I have 1/72 scale plans for a range of Arado 234 taken from orginal TsAGI plans of the Germqan bluprints including - 3x noses/cockpits, 2x 4 engine/wing types, and even the AEW/ACW fuselage....

but no means or skills to put into production....