Tuesday, April 05, 2011

1/144 Douglas A4D-1 Skyhawk by Retrowings

Kit RW44004 1/144 Douglas A4D-1 Skyhawk RetroWings

True to his word. Retro kit has shut up shop on the AFVs and has started working on long held ideas of producing kits and conversions for aircraft! Well, the future is looking good with this and the proposed items below..

I know this is one kit that will excite people waiting for the straight back version of the A4, and couldnt belive that Platz didnt follow through with this one!?

The kit comes with Starfighter-designed and manufactured decals for a VA-12 aircraft based on the USS Ranger.

Resin Kit, with Clear Canopy!


Available: March 2011
Price: 19.99 Euro

Advanced news of other kits coming soon:

In production:
RW44008 A-6 Intruder Cockpit Detail Set (for the Dragon kits)
RW44009 A-4 E/F Slick Fuselage (for the Platz kits).

Design completed:
RW44010 Me-262 Jumo 004 Engine Pod (for Eduard kits).

On Hold:
The Rafale sets are currently on-hold waiting for the new Academy kit...

Future Plans:
Various sets are in preparation for the:
Tornado(Dragon) ,
Starfighter(Revell) and


rkmasu said...

They could make the A-4 E/F slicks with open air brakes too...(and decals for a dozen of Agressor birds.
We could have A-4Q/P fuselages too?(argentinean planes)used in Falklands conflict?
Or OA-4/M/K fuselages/tail/canopies?
this is why Platz could hear me and did same thing Fujimi 1/72 kits,same wing,central fuselage,landing gears,and change only tail,nose/canopy.

Anonymous said...

Starfighter Decals will be releasing some markings for slick-fuselaged A-4E/Fs, including Blue Angels..!

rkmasu.. said...

Agressors camo A-4(like the Two bobs top gun thinkertoys decal) and Blue Angels(the A-4 it was my favorite Blue Angels plane) should be nice!!